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Success Takes Help

The book Wisdom of Crowds delves into this. Groups of people make more accurate decisions than individuals, for example.  In other words, asking for help is scientifically proven to enhance the quality of the decisions we make.

Simon Sinek recounts what he learned when he realized that he couldn't do everything by himself. The revelations that got him to a moment that made it possible for him to learn are recognizable to us all:

1. I learned I wasn't good at everything

2. I didn't have the energy to do everything

3. I failed

I guess I learned these lessons the hard way, too. The challenge now is to continue asking for help when I need it and to help people I work with be more effective and make better decisions, too.

Why your company (or organization) should use social networks

3. Innovation is a Social Activity - and can not be managed or automated  with older transaction-or workflow-based enterprise software. By allowing individuals to interact with Innovation Management and Measurement is the first true killer app of the social software revolution.

The third of Matthew Greeley's ten reasons for corporate networking. To my mind, a pretty compelling list.

Do Leadership and Social Media Go Hand in Hand?

Billed as a "next step resource that shows leaders how to tap into the power of the social technology revolution and use social media to be 'open' while maintaining control," the book is packed with frameworks, to-do-checklists and case studies, a refreshing number of which fall off the grid of the "usual suspects" we tend to beat to death in marketing circles. Indeed, her second chapter kicks off with Li on the USS Nimitz, reflecting on the tension between military "command and control" and her open principles.

Li argues that social media-enabled services and sites can "improve efficiency, communication and decision-making for leaders and their organizations."

Another call to challenge your thinking about leadership and the use or role of social media by leaders. I've seen this theme addressed by Denise Graveline and many others. Time to collect some more links.

This ought to make you pay attention to the grammarian

District Governor John Lesko forwards the following page from OpsLadder with an interesting note:

... A well regarded job search website (The Ladder) seems to be pointing those who aspire to earn 6-figure salaries to improve their interview skills. Hmmm ... Eliminating ums, ahs, and other clutch words is the focus of many an ah watcher and grammarian in Toastmasters.

 Now doesn't that make you take the Grammarian's Report at your club meeting a little more seriously? 

Advice to speed your job hunt:

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4 Steps to Speak Better in Interviews
By Jayne Latz
Filler words like "um," "ahh," "so," "like" and "you know" can reduce your credibility as a speaker and hurt your chances in a job interview. 
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Making Friends and Finding Free Resume Advice
By Lisa Vaas
How to approach recruiters, HR pros and resume experts for advice without being a pest. 
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'Willing to Relocate on My Own Dime'
By Will Greenwald
How can you compete with local talent for a job in a different town? Offering upfront to pay for the move yourself or masking your current location can help. 
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Enough About Me
By William Arruda
Your reputation is one of your most valuable career-management assets. It's essential for your career development to understand how you are perceived by those around you. 
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Initiating a New Network
By Debra Feldman
No network? No problem! 
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