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The best pizza in the world

From "It's Probably the Best Pizza in the World" in the June 2014 Food and Wine.

"My pizza is always wireless," Pepe is fond of saying. His dough is worked by hand in wooden boxes, left to ripen for hours and never refrigerated. The pork for his sausages, the olive oil, and the bufala mozzarella come from just down the road....He works a huge tub of dough, digging deep, kneading and punching, turning it back onto itself. I had never quite contemplated the idea of the dough for 400 pizzas a night being turned out by hand. I was surprised that his forearms didn't bulge like Popeye's. "I am the primitive man of pizza," he says. "We have no machines here, none. The only technology we permit is a thermometer for the oven, but really, it is better to observe the color of the flames. Technology can make the process better, perhaps more precise, but it is no substitute for your fingers, your eyes, your nose."

Beautiful, and in alignment with my ideas about baking. The article is accompanied by a list of restaurant recommendations for Naples, photos of mouth-watering pizza, and a recipe for tomato-oregano pizza.