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Brain Injury Dialogues a new documentary about living with a brain injury

Brain Injury Dialogues reveals many invisible aspects of this disability; viewers see the wide range of deficits that survivors must face, both physically and mentally, and learn how no two brain injuries are alike.

It's an accurate, sympathetic, and empowering depiction of 5 survivors, including coauthor Rick Franklin. the filmĀ features interviews and commentary by disability experts, including notable disability advocate Zona Roberts and Cognitive Therapist/ Teacher Becky Stone of the College of Alameda.

Brain Injury Dialogues; Run time: 52 minutes, closed captioned, with an additional 25-minute bonus feature of TBI survivor and disability scholar Mark Sherry of the University of Toledo speaking with a
support group in an Oakland, CA public library.

The documantary is priced at $25, making it easily affordable for virtually every library, school, rehab or therapy center, support group, and of course individual survivor and their family and friends. The price includes postage and handling in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

I wish this was more detailed, but I'll do a web search for more information. Strikes me that well-produced videos could be a great resource for orientation and reference of brain injury survivors.