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Denk at Kennedy Center

The new year kicked off with a recital by Jeremy Denk.


Embarrassment of riches this afternoon: historic Met performance on radio; recital tickets at Kennedy Center.Sat Jan 23 18:11:20 via Tweetie


Jeremy Denk pleases at Kennedy Center: Bach, Ives, Liszt, and Schumann. "Angelic" passages in Schumann stark contrast to boisterous Ives.Sat Jan 23 21:55:22 via Tweetie


Jeremy Denk interviewed by Neale Pearle after recital. To release Ives recording, thoughtful, funny, and a blogger. Plated w/ Argerich.Sat Jan 23 21:59:00 via Tweetie

Perahia at Kennedy Center

In October, I won tickets to a performance by Murray Perahia.


Unbelievable luck! Won tickets to WPAS performance by Murray Perahia at Kennedy Center. Bach, Schumann, and more this weekend.Thu Oct 15 18:29:32 via Tweetie


Perahia spellbinding in first half of Bach Partita and Beerhoven op. 109. Audience response and buzz is enthusiastic.Sat Oct 17 23:01:33 via Tweetie


Chopin my favorite part, especially Etude and Scherzo. Playing here seemed especially free and attractive.Sat Oct 17 23:09:06 via Tweetie


Attention flagged during Schumann, but Kinderszenen (?) is not my cup of tea. Perahia got more out of it for me than most.Sat Oct 17 23:10:41 via Tweetie


Brahms Intermezzo and another Etude for generous and satisfying encore.Sat Oct 17 23:11:06 via Tweetie


Valid theory? Used to listening to younger performers. Feel like they call attention to selves; older artists like Perahia focus on music.Sat Oct 17 23:14:56 via Tweetie