Go Analog?

Fast Company wades into the handwriting vs digital debate with a helpful survey ranging from The Wall Street Journal to Martin Heidigger to Neil Gaman before concluding with a link to an article from someone who prefers to abandon analog. Patrick Rhone makes the claim that "Forming letters by strokes, as opposed to selecting each by keys, opens regions of the brain involving thinking, language, and memory that are not opened through typing. Writing, real writing, makes you smarter." The keys in the article seem to be freeing yourself from distraction changing your state of awareness. I'm struck by the similarity of thought to John Edward Huth's Losing Our Way in the World—After a year of this endeavor, something dawned on me: the way I viewed the world had palpably changed. The sun looked different, as did the stars. While the ocean didn’t accommodate my “human” need for meaning, a different sense emerged from the wave patterns that conveyed the presence of winds, shoals, coastlines and distant storms—and I'm inclined to agree.