Baseball and Steroids

The recent suspension of Alex Rodriquez and several others is not really surprising, but it is frustrating, even crushing to those who love the game. Fast Company shares a story of Nick Markakis, who didn't play in the All-Star game this year because one of the suspended players did. His reaction tells why drug use wrong and shows real class and sportsmanship.

“I’m not ticked off that I didn’t go to the All-Star Game. There are always opportunities later on in life. I’m not necessarily mad about the All-Star Game, but I’m just disappointed in these players,” said Markakis, who is in the fifth season of a six-year, $66.1 million extension with the Orioles. “This is a harmless game that has never done anything to anybody except be good to people. And you are going to go out there and cheat a game that is supposedly the national pastime?” 

Dan Meyer, no longer playing, was quite a bit more blunt with his reaction.

I trust the players' reaction a lot more than I trust the reaction of sportswriter William Rhoden in this NewsHour report.